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whatmp3 transcodes audio files and creates torrents for them

whatmp3 takes a list of directories containing FLAC files and a list of formats to transcode to. For each top level directory passed, a new directory containing the transcoded audio files and optionally a torrent (with mktorrent) are created.

whatmp3 requires flac, metaflac, at least one kind of encoder (eg lame, oggenc).

mktorrent and replaygain tools (eg vorbisgain) are optionally required.

whatmp3 will not overwrite any files in output directories unless passed -w.

whatmp3 will `touch FAILURE' in each top level dir in which a critical error has occurred while transcoding.


edit config.mk to match your local setup if required, then run (as root if necessary):

make clean install

gmake is required on systems with bsdmake installed by default


whatmp3 will spawn a simultaneous transcoding process for each cpu core detected. This can be overridden with --threads.

torrents are created with the -p flag, indicating a private tracker.

see whatmp3 -h or man whatmp3 for more information.


whatmp3 can be completely configured with the command line options, but default options can be changed by editing the file itself.

changes to the script itself are required to support changes to or new audio formats, but knowledge of python is not required.


whatmp3 -rz -o ~/tor -t "http://my.tracker/announce" --Q8 --V0 "Svartrit - I" "Svartrit - II"

create directories "Svartrit - I (Q8)", etc in ~/tor containing ogg vorbis Q8 and mp3 V0 transcodes with zeropadded tracknumbers and replaygain applied, and torrents "Svartrit - I (Q8).torrent", etc in ~/tor with the specified announce URL.