Archive those Patreon vimeo videos using selenium, firefox, and youtube-dl
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Patreon - Vimeo Archiver

Uses python and selenium to load patreon. Login using your credentials. Then checks for vimeo videos with the episode name.

I originally created this because I have terrible internet on my portable devices, and wanted a way to watch the videos that did not require the patreon application as I had zero devices that were supported.

So just archive the vidoes and then sync to your portable device

Warranty: There is no warranty!

License: If you use this code you are required to donate your monthly patreon costs to a local food/soup kitchen. Once per month. IE. If you are currently paying $10/month to 5 patreon for a total of $50. You are required to donate $50 per month of usage.



Edit with your:

  • username
  • password
  • specific episode naming
  • firefox/chrome location

Install youtube-dl


# initialise a virtual env
virtualenv env
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Run it!

# It will output the ID of the video(s). Now download that ID via youtube-dl with the correct settings
youtube-dl $id 

Checkout the included wrapper script for how you would meld the two together ./