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This branch contains the version compatible only with Jira Cloud. If you need to build the application compatible with Jira Server or Data Center, please switch to the server branch. See the Branches section below for details.

How to Build


In order to build the project you need Apache Ant and Oracle JDK version 8.

  1. Download Apache Ant from https://ant.apache.org/bindownload.cgi

    The build has been tested with Ant version 1.10.7

  2. Download Oracle JDK 8 from Java Download Archive

    The build has been tested with version 8u192, though it is likely compatible with any JDK version from 8u112 to 8u202.

    Note, the build is NOT compatible with:

    • Java 9 and later

    • Java 8 updates before 8u112

    • any version of OpenJDK.

Build Steps

  1. Have Apache Ant and Oracle JDK 8 installed on your system.

  2. Check out the right branch of the repository.

    See the Branches section below in this file to choose the right one.

    Do NOT build the master branch.

  3. Open the build.sh with a plain text editor.

  4. Specify values of the ANT_HOME and JDK8_HOME variable.

  5. Save the updated build.sh file.

  6. Open command line terminal and go to the ant directory (cd ant)

  7. Run the build.sh shell script (./build.sh)

  8. When the build successfully completes, find built application in the build/.dist/jiraclient directory.

    Find ZIPed application in the build/.dist/jiraclient-NNNN.zip file.

For more details see the build documentation

How to Run

To start the built application run the start up script from command-line terminal. The script is in the:

You can pass workspace location as command-line parameter.

Client for Jira requires Oracle Java8 updates 8u112 to 8u202 (versions 8u192 or 8u202 are recommended). Java either must be available on the PATH environment variable or JAVA_HOME variable must be defined and point to the corresponding JRE or JDK.


Because of recent backward incompatible changes of Jira Cloud REST API, this project has two branches:

  • cloud This branch contains updates for Jira Cloud REST API. This application is not backward compatible with previous releases.

  • server This branch contains sources of the latest Client for Jira release (version 3.8.4) with the latest fixes. This branch does not include updates for the recent Jira Cloud REST API changes. It is not compatible with Jira Cloud, but this branch is backward compatible with previous releases of Client for Jira.

Copyright 20042020 ALM Works, Inc. This work is licensed under the terms of GPL v3 license. If you require a different license, please contact info@almworks.com.