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Isso – a commenting server similar to Disqus

Isso – Ich schrei sonst – is a lightweight commenting server written in Python and JavaScript. It aims to be a drop-in replacement for Disqus.


  • Comments written in Markdown
    Users can edit or delete own comments (within 15 minutes by default). Comments in moderation queue are not publicly visible before activation.
  • SQLite backend
    Because comments are not Big Data.
  • Disqus & WordPress Import
    You can migrate your Disqus/WordPress comments without any hassle.
  • Configurable JS client
    Embed a single JS file, 65kB (20kB gzipped) and you are done.

See for a live demo, more details and documentation.


Isso in Action

Geting started


  • Python 3.6+ (+ devel headers)
  • SQLite 3.3.8 or later
  • a working C compiler

Install Isso from PyPi:

pip install isso

Then, follow the Quickstart guide.

If you're stuck, follow the Install guide, see Troubleshooting and browse the the full documentation.


A Docker image with the latest stable release is provided at See Using Docker.



Refer to the docs for Installing from Source.