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Tim d4e33d6378 feat: default 4 word 2 months ago
Tim 688d43c47e feat: bash version of correct-battery-horse-staple 2 months ago
Tim 777e4c8d4e feat: -rofi +wofi & cleanup 2 months ago
Tim 075f462446 feat: updates for mako, sway, waybar 3 months ago
Tim 745c642c84 mpv settings, sway config compartmentalisation 5 months ago
Tim b305a2ac8c rofi-i3focus-SOUND 5 months ago
Tim 7265061daa fix: hdmi, waybar, mako & sway 5 months ago
Tim 9a574ea634 feat: mako 5 months ago
Tim d1b1789237 feat: tmux config update 5 months ago
Tim 0b5c36d10e fix: config 5 months ago
Tim cc01a236ef config updates 5 months ago
Tim 5587cf80d2 swayness 6 months ago
Tim f9dfbfba76 feat: waybar, mpd, sway update 6 months ago
Tim ce05b0fd00 fix: naming 6 months ago
Tim 428105f193 fix: correct defaults 6 months ago
Tim ec88f0ec6b feat: sway 6 months ago
Tim de9d1db848 chore: update rofi theme support & zsh PS1 to be slimmer 7 months ago
Tim b9acb04310 feat: 2021 changes 8 months ago
Tim 82d589c5cc feat: 2020 updates 2 years ago
Tim c8f3fe67bd Feature: Vim auto command updates 3 years ago
Tim 21d8ae4c98 Stop Tabline on WSL due to wrapping issues 3 years ago
Tim 71d3c63417 Auto Install Plug-Vim if not already installed 3 years ago
Tim 718d02e01e More is Less && aws-cli autocomplete 3 years ago
Tim 387ba6206c Path Fixes, Polybar Dual Mon, Powerlines 3 years ago
Tim e4e19fa183 Git Aliases & ~/.local/bin support 3 years ago
Tim 05d158ca54 TabNine / Go / NVM 3 years ago
Tim 4c1b5ab7fd Update Poly&i3 3 years ago
Tim c23c1197e8 Update aliases 4 years ago
Tim 2e13dcfc13 Merge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:ticoombs/dotfiles 4 years ago
Tim 656d74ed1f Cleanup Moduels as well 4 years ago
Tim 3ae4fe701b Feature: Gentoo Old Kernel Cleanup Script 4 years ago
Tim 607a5220b6 Polybar 4 years ago
Tim 682984a90e Update fallback dwm start 4 years ago
Tim 96dc2345a6 Polybar ness 4 years ago
Tim a768e1a892 Orange 4 years ago
Tim 797c7a7836 Merge branch 'realmen-zsh' into 'master' 4 years ago
Tim 073f211899 Rofi/NewTheme/Everything 4 years ago
Tim 5c626253e7 ZSH Alias Handling 4 years ago
Tim c25bdf789a Merge Spellcheck 5 years ago
Tim 13c7478ce2 Jekyll syntax 5 years ago
Tim 77d1eb6401 Gaps for 27inch 5 years ago
Tim 6e68979160 Spellcheckthiscommit 5 years ago
Tim 171c02beb3 Add Tagbar. DPI. Ditch old code. Nice Merging 5 years ago
Tim 4a8ac69ed0 Use Syntastic instead of Flake8 5 years ago
Tim 780161a0d3 Update Prompt for my long paths 5 years ago
Tim 331c3adb64 Real csgo 5 years ago
Tim e17cc9f216 New dunstrc colors 5 years ago
Tim f8e9a7a1ff Cleanup Dunstrc 5 years ago
Tim b1fcd6c1c3 Games on Games 5 years ago
Tim 448d141163 Serene Change 5 years ago