34 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Tim 8983e9f53a feat: updates august 2 months ago
Tim aa603f5716 feat: new bins, zsh/vim/sway config 3 months ago
Tim 075f462446 feat: updates for mako, sway, waybar 8 months ago
Tim 7265061daa fix: hdmi, waybar, mako & sway 9 months ago
Tim 9a574ea634 feat: mako 9 months ago
Tim ec88f0ec6b feat: sway 11 months ago
Tim de9d1db848 chore: update rofi theme support & zsh PS1 to be slimmer 11 months ago
Tim b9acb04310 feat: 2021 changes 1 year ago
Tim 82d589c5cc feat: 2020 updates 2 years ago
Tim 718d02e01e More is Less && aws-cli autocomplete 3 years ago
Tim 387ba6206c Path Fixes, Polybar Dual Mon, Powerlines 4 years ago
Tim e4e19fa183 Git Aliases & ~/.local/bin support 4 years ago
Tim 05d158ca54 TabNine / Go / NVM 4 years ago
Tim 4c1b5ab7fd Update Poly&i3 4 years ago
Tim c23c1197e8 Update aliases 4 years ago
Tim 96dc2345a6 Polybar ness 4 years ago
Tim a768e1a892 Orange 4 years ago
Tim 073f211899 Rofi/NewTheme/Everything 5 years ago
Tim 5c626253e7 ZSH Alias Handling 5 years ago
Tim 77d1eb6401 Gaps for 27inch 5 years ago
Tim 171c02beb3 Add Tagbar. DPI. Ditch old code. Nice Merging 5 years ago
Tim 331c3adb64 Real csgo 5 years ago
Tim b1fcd6c1c3 Games on Games 5 years ago
Tim 448d141163 Serene Change 5 years ago
Tim 7b425fa010 Rofi/Vim/i3 changes 6 years ago
Tim a1555e9f88 Plug for vim. Bin Scripts, Updated i3 Config and a new zshtheme 6 years ago
Tim d76b54b443 Set i3lock default as fuzzy_lock has an inbuilt 120wait time for exit code 6 years ago
Tim 739993f929 Install Packages & Compton WM Compositor 6 years ago
Tim 5e7f13c649 Time to use urxvt as default 6 years ago
Tim ea98e918df Move Flake8 Defaults to own file, as config in vim is deprecated 6 years ago
Tim 7eb8a9b055 Rofi and Zsh minor mods 6 years ago
Tim a0083edf7e Updated Background + Rofi 6 years ago
Tim b6b9d213a1 Update; Zsh, Vim, i3{,status} 6 years ago
Tim 8105555b3d ZSH, Atom, i3, Portage 6 years ago