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@ -1,16 +1,13 @@
Install dependencies:
sudo make depends
Build the application:
Clone this repo, install dependencies and build the application. Dependencies
assume debian packages, or homebrew for osx. For other systems try
manually, or send us a patch.
git clone 0xacab.org/leap/bitmask-vpn && cd bitmask-vpn
sudo make depends
make build
@ -22,21 +19,11 @@ You need at least go 1.11. If you have something older and are using ubuntu, you
For other situations, have a look at https://github.com/golang/go/wiki/Ubuntu or https://golang.org/dl/
You can install dependencies with homebrew:
git clone 0xacab.org/leap/bitmask-vpn && cd bitmask-vpn
make depends
make build
You can run some tests too.
sudo apt install qml-module-qttest
make test
@ -50,15 +37,18 @@ Translations
We use [transifex](https://www.transifex.com/otf/bitmask/RiseupVPN/) to coordinate translations. Any help is welcome!
Bugs? Crashes? UI feedback? Any other suggestions or complains?
When you report an issue include the following information:
When you are willing to [report an issue](https://0xacab.org/leap/bitmask-vpn/-/issues) please
use the search tool first. if you cannot find your issue, please make sure to
include the following information:
* what you expected to see
* what you got
* the version of the program. You can check the version on the about page.
* the platform you're using and the installation method.
* the version of the program. You can check the version on the "about" menu.
* what you expected to see.
* what you got instead.
* the logs of the program. The location of the logs depends on the OS:
* linux: `/home/<your user>/.config/leap/systray.log`
* gnu/linux: `/home/<your user>/.config/leap/systray.log`
* OSX: `/Users/<your user>/Library/Preferences/leap/systray.log`, `/Applications/RiseupVPN.app/Contents/helper/helper.log` & `/Applications/RiseupVPN.app/Contents/helper/openvpn.log`
* windows: `C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Local\leap\systray.log`, `C:\Program Files\RiseupVPN\helper.log` & `C:\Program Files\RiseupVPN\openvp.log`