163 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Robin Ebert 01bfbc4656
Use spacing in config 8 months ago
Elyes HAOUAS f18eb71ad7 Fix spelling errors 9 months ago
Rolf Vidar Mazunki Hoksaas 95ecff0551 added example tooltip usage 10 months ago
Hugo Osvaldo Barrera 710f933fa6 Don't start if graphical-session is not running 11 months ago
Grant Moyer 88a5f713ed Prefer keyboard-state over keyboard_state 11 months ago
Aleksei Bavshin a5fe6f40b8
feat(tray): handle Status property 11 months ago
Grant Moyer 08e886ebc6 Search for device automatically if none given 12 months ago
Grant Moyer 6fdbc27998 Add default style 12 months ago
Grant Moyer 642e28166b Add more configuaration 12 months ago
Sefa Eyeoglu fc89b01ba6
feat: implement mpd volume format template 1 year ago
Martin Pittermann b4ee994515
Add style for battery state "plugged" 1 year ago
lunik1 354de5f13f
style: add styling to disk module 1 year ago
Hugo Osvaldo Barrera 2019028688 Configure systemd.service file to allow reloading 1 year ago
Thomas Hebb 1fe0bcacc0 style: add 4px margins to window and workspaces modules 2 years ago
Jeremy Attali dd596a5c6c fix(systemd): restart when service fails 2 years ago
nikto_b cc3acf8102
feature: created sway language submodule; added styles & config part for a sway language submodule 2 years ago
koffeinfriedhof c651670222 Added song position and queue length. 2 years ago
Thomas Hebb 1b22e2b320 style(workspaces): align text with other modules 2 years ago
Maxim Baz d51adfe7bc
systemd: use standard targets, update service type 2 years ago
Alex 8f6273e9d0 refactor(config): comment default config layer 2 years ago
Дамјан Георгиевски 03130b7565 systemd service: fix start up ordering 2 years ago
Torstein Husebø f107aaddc3 Finish #571 2 years ago
Torstein Husebø 34a710cce3 Fix typos 2 years ago
Skirmantas Kligys 8e05aab4d9 Current month calendar in clock tooltip. 2 years ago
Michael Cordover 3130a57622 Add timezone support to clock module (closes #223) 2 years ago
Adrien Lemaire db1136d647
feat: show title if artist isn't available 3 years ago
Alex 6d5e328928 feat(style): add comment about icons font 3 years ago
Krystian Chachuła 8830247b9e add padding for mpd module in default style 3 years ago
Дамјан Георгиевски ce50249c04 service file: allow for waybar installed in different prefix 3 years ago
Alex 5bb6fa384d
Revert "service file: allow for waybar installed in different prefix" 3 years ago
Дамјан Георгиевски f152ad9fa9 service file: allow for waybar installed in different prefix 3 years ago
Дамјан Георгиевски a0a3c01e79 install a systemd user unit 3 years ago
tufteddeer d8b1b0d0af
add support for muted bluetooth audio, fix #420 3 years ago
Sibren Vasse 12f869ccba chore: add player filter example in config 3 years ago
Sibren Vasse 7e9207d75c fix(custom): ignore selected_player if not defined. Fixes #419 3 years ago
Alex 22ddbde394 style(workspaces): update hover style 3 years ago
Alex 1d2dd953e7 revert: default config 3 years ago
Alex 340ec7be91 refactor: AModule 3 years ago
rianadon 460d25ac45
Increase specificity of media stylings 3 years ago
Alex 918146c16b style: prefer background-color property 3 years ago
Alex be2fa743eb refactor(custon): hide on empty text 3 years ago
Alex 2fa581c7ea fix(battery): multiple paths 3 years ago
Alex 3e76984ce7 chore: update network config 3 years ago
Alex 296b448d06 chore: update pulseaudio config 3 years ago
Alex bb4af295bc feat(pulseaudio): source info 3 years ago
Olegs Jeremejevs d5c1e6f312 Change scroll-step unit to percent 3 years ago
Alex a09d2222be style: remove non wanted tags 3 years ago
Alex 841576497a refactor: cleaner events 3 years ago
Alex 5b3402e110 feat(Battery): plugged status 3 years ago
Alex d209d350fe style(media): reduce min-width 3 years ago