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Alex a06ed00727
Merge pull request #1317 from jfred9/master 7 months ago
John Fredriksson ad3f46214d river/tags: Add possibility for mouse clicks 8 months ago
Alex 13fda1607f
Merge pull request #1311 from b1rger/patch-2 8 months ago
Alex 9fda6695ea
Merge pull request #1314 from Scrumplex/fix-negative-mpd-vol 8 months ago
Sefa Eyeoglu b24f9ea569
Ensure MPD volume is not negative 8 months ago
Birger Schacht 769b12f16a
Fix typo 8 months ago
Alex b511103fd9
Merge pull request #1301 from jonbakke/patch-1 8 months ago
Alex 122fe33636
Merge pull request #1302 from marwing/master 8 months ago
Alex 8498ddefca
Merge pull request #1304 from mamins1376/fix-1303 8 months ago
Mohammad Amin Sameti 48117a2e97 Fix divide by zero (#1303) 8 months ago
Marwin Glaser decb13eef0
mark zfs arc size as free in memory 8 months ago
jonbakke a015b2e3db
Clarify less than/greater than in warning. 8 months ago
Alex 562e4157c0
Merge pull request #1297 from Molytho/master 8 months ago
Robin Ebert 01bfbc4656
Use spacing in config 8 months ago
Robin Ebert 7669029bfe
Add man documentation for spacing config option 8 months ago
Robin Ebert 0b66454d5c
Add spacing config option 8 months ago
Alex 6eb9606f23
Merge pull request #1274 from RobertMueller2/master 9 months ago
Alex 03ebbf6d98
Merge pull request #1275 from dartkron/master 9 months ago
Sergey Mishin 174db444d6
Fix Clock crash on empty string in timezones field 9 months ago
Rene D. Obermueller 9972384597 sway/window: include floating_nodes when considering window count for class 9 months ago
Alex 8b4dafd701
Merge pull request #1273 from ElyesH/master 9 months ago
Elyes HAOUAS f18eb71ad7 Fix spelling errors 9 months ago
Alex 7af6e8413c
Merge pull request #1271 from alebastr/sni-passive-visibility 9 months ago
Aleksei Bavshin fbedc3d133
fix(tray): fix visibility of Passive items 9 months ago
Alex fe5ac0fe08
Merge pull request #1257 from tokyovigilante/fix-catch2 9 months ago
Ryan Walklin f638fe473a Update catch2 dependency 2.13.3 -> 2.13.7 9 months ago
Alex 8534175c59
Merge pull request #1252 from gavinbeatty/fix-sway-language-tabs 10 months ago
Alex 6778a79033
Merge pull request #1253 from Darkclainer/per-core-cpu-usage 10 months ago
Darkclainer 6e5a0bc80a Add cpu usage for every core 10 months ago
Gavin Beatty fe547901fa sway/language: remove tabs, indent with 2 spaces 10 months ago
Alex cee08eccd1
Merge pull request #1251 from Alexays/revert-1250-master 10 months ago
Alex 67c7302938
Revert "Add CPU usage for every core" 10 months ago
Alex 8489646b66
Merge pull request #1250 from Darkclainer/master 10 months ago
Alex 6938921e92
Merge pull request #1239 from mazunki/default-gateway 10 months ago
mazunki 7b73cc472f Merge branch 'default-gateway' of github.com:mazunki/waybar into default-gateway 10 months ago
mazunki 1c91c71dcd updated original debug message with gateway ip, similar, yet not identical to `ip route` 10 months ago
mazunki 6142dfba6a updated original debug message with gateway ip, similar, yet not identical to default via dev enp7s0 metric 2 10 months ago
mazunki 13239417d8 fixed wrong dependency for make target 10 months ago
mazunki 5f083193e4 fixed tab indentation to spaces, removed debug 10 months ago
Darkclainer a51ac59252 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 10 months ago
Darkclainer 8da940f929 Update man pages for cpu usage 10 months ago
Alex ce9e8aead3
Merge pull request #1222 from mswiger/use_g_memdup2 10 months ago
Alex 73ce2a99ff
Merge pull request #1238 from Matan1x/master 10 months ago
Alex b028a47d57
Merge pull request #1243 from alebastr/config-unittest 10 months ago
Darkclainer 4bf577e89b Add CPU usage for every core 10 months ago
Aleksei Bavshin 5991bbb741
ci: run unit-tests 10 months ago
Aleksei Bavshin d7d606b721
doc: update documentation for 'include' 10 months ago
Aleksei Bavshin 0c1d3e30b6
fix(config): preserve explicit null when merging objects 10 months ago
Aleksei Bavshin ccc60b4245
refactor(config): more sensible multi-bar include behavior 10 months ago
Aleksei Bavshin 8912bd3ed0
test: multi-bar config with includes 10 months ago