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Kavin 0db1302898
Change postgres dialect. 2 weeks ago
Kavin c4fe0c1ac4
Add some missing config properties. 3 weeks ago
Kavin 9b6ba05f4a
Set resolver for nginx. 4 weeks ago
Kavin 6804354ab5
Use dynamic variable for varnish proxy_pass. 4 weeks ago
Kavin aa3f174f5e
Remove docker-compose version checks. 4 weeks ago
Kavin 099a59cf8a
Add support for docker compose. 1 month ago
FireMasterK 597bdfb23d
Make healthcheck test bypass cache. 6 months ago
FireMasterK bbd06a4124
Fix for frontend startup issues. 6 months ago
FireMaskterK 127f4b3625
Add docker-compose version check. 7 months ago
FireMaskterK 18d81afee4
Automatically use the hotspot image when on aarch64. 7 months ago
Kavin 95e20fa87d
Simply nginx and caddy config. (#9) 8 months ago
AtomHare e1acda33ac
Fix the "Error 503 Backend fetch failed" (#8) 9 months ago
FireMasterK eb62697497
Add support for nginx without a TLS reverse proxy. 9 months ago
AtomHare 5862e8354a
Update varnish and headers (#4) 10 months ago
FireMasterK 0db53dcbeb
Configure FRONTEND_URL property. 10 months ago
FireMasterK 2607157413
Replace default api hostname in frontend. 10 months ago
Kavin ca989a2a6b
Add link to docs. 10 months ago
AtomHare 8d410df572
Add Initial docker compose 10 months ago
Kavin c84060e2a4
Initial commit 10 months ago