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[My Privacy DNS]( My Privacy DNS) Github Mirror ko-fi

The Matrix

This repository is MyPDNS's self maintained list of domains that need to be blocked for various reasons.


Source list

The source folder contains several sub-folders, each named as groups, for which a submission should be put. This however doesn't necessary mean that one domain can't be put into several 'groups'.

Ex. google.* which belongs to several groups as they represent all online evil, when we talk about privacy and anti-brainwashing/manipulation; Facebook is also well represented in several categories.


Each sub-folder of sources should contain its own README which in short describes what the list is all about and the criteria to add a domain into it's domain.list or wildcard.list.


Reporting tool

You can also use our new MyPDNS Reporter, which is one of four things, a Browser-based add-on, API, CLI (Command LIne Interface) and a website for which you can choose between as you prefer.

File structure and Category explained

This list is on hold in relation to API's cat values:

Category description
~AdWare, adv All about advertising: This includes sites offering banners and banner creation as well as sites delivering banners to be shown in webpages. Advertising companies are listed, too.
Everything related with ads. It is domain that server ads and sell ads / adware
~"Bait Site" An attempt to generate a list of sites that's uses baits like youtube to harvest peoples organs
~CryptoMiner / Coinblocker bitCoin miners
~"DNS Server" A mix of unwanted DNS servers that as example harvest domains, redirects queries into malicious domains
~Drugs Sites offering drugs or explain how to make drugs (legal and non legal). Covers tobacco as well as viagra and similar substances.
~Gambling Sites offering the possibility to win money. Poker, Casino, Bingo and other chance games as well as betting sites. Differs from -> hobby/games in the aspect of winning or loosing money or being lured to do so.
IP::BlackListing / IP Network blocking A bit special category as it is in reverse. An IP/CIDR in notation is format where < Reason >
~Malicious / malware malicious domain-ip- urls hosting malicious software, scripts, code etc.
~Movies / streaming Sites offering cinema programs, information about movies and actors. Sites for downloading video clips/movies (as long it is legal) are included as well.
~News Fake- + News Rather self explained, the biggest challenge is the BIAS of those who ads records to this cat.
~Phishing See phishing
~Pirated Domains / Sharked Domains that is held hostage to be sold at overprices
~Politics Sites of political parties, political organisations and associations; sites with political discussions.
Pornography (Adult 18+) (porno-sites) ~"NSFW::Gore" / ~"NSFW::Porn" / ~"NSFW::Snuff" / ~"NSFW::Strict" Sites about all kinds of sexual content ranging from bare bosoms to hardcore porn and S/M. You can read more details in the specific README: Porn Records
~Redirector / Url Shortener Sites that actively help to bypass url filters by accepting urls via web form and play a proxying and redirecting role.

Domains that can be used to shorten long URLs. The original (long) URL will be accessed after the the short URL has been requested from the shortener. This distinguishes this category from redirector where the original URL is never accessed directly.
~Religion Sites with religious content: all kind of churches, sects, religious interpretations and so on.
~Scamming scamming
~Spyware Sites that tries to actively try to install software (or lure the user in doing so) in order to spy the surfing behaviour (or worse). This category includes trojan and phishing sites. The homecalling site where the collecting information is sent are listed, too.
~Suspected Domains and URLs that looks suspicious and on a watch list. False Positives should be expected. Grey-listed / testing the effect off blacklisting
~Tracking domains Site keeping an eye on where you surf and what you do in a passive. Covers web bugs, counters and other tracking mechanism in web pages that do not interfere with the local computer yet collecting information about the surfing person for later analysis. Sites actively spying out the surfer by installing software or calling home sites are not covered with tracker but with -> spyware.
~Typo_Squatting typosquatting
~Weapons Sites offering all kinds of weapons or accessories for weapons: Firearms, knifes, swords, bows,... . Armory shops are included as well as sites holding general information about arms (manufacturing, usage).
~WhiteList whitelist

You can use the following quick links to generate issues within matrix


Raw url code

Bait sites
Crypto Miners
DNS Server
IP Blocking
movies / streaming
Pirated Domain
Redirecting (uri shortener)
Removal Read the F.A.Q. BEFORE you proceed!
Scamming Upcoming (In development)
Typo Squatting
False Negatives/Removals

Special Templates

A fast bulk template modified constantly to match a specific case
A Template to ensuring the needed data while committing treats to make them connected and optimize the reaction data

The Matrix

For the Adult filtering, please refer to the README

Intro: The difference between files inside source/category_name is that, with RPZ We do not nessesarily need to apply any found subdomain records, as wildcard is recognized as a valid blacklist record. This allow us to use only two types of record sheets wildcard.list and domain.list, this is also the explanation for why you haven't seen a hosts file within our source list.
So to use hour records with a non RPZ reconizing system such as Pi- hole and /etc/hosts or for spydoze %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts, you would need to combine both the wildcard.list and domain.list.

Alternatively you can use our automatically combined weekly updated hosts-list


This list has its own life, as it's a very, very tricky one to maintain.

The reason for that is, it has to balance between what is going on with a domain that, for several reasons, might be blacklisted on some lists but not on others. It can also be that a domain in general is 99,9% right, but because of its nature of user based submissions, could do a lot of evil.


Gitlab is hosting 100% user submitted content, but for the same reason, is also a target for cyber criminals to host their evil Malware. For that reason, Gitlab often pops up on lists for malicious code. But as that would have a huge influence on our workflow, it would, of course, have to be whitelisted on our list.

Bulk commits

Bulk commits will only be tolerated, if done by a @developer of the repository, does it and ONLY if and when the source is commonly trusted and if the amount of domains can justify it will be way too time consuming to open an issue for each domain changed in the targeted lists.

note: This rule shall always be a copy of the common Bulk commits rule.


Q: Your lists have broken my website, by blocking a third party domain!

A: We have absolutely not broken your website by blocking any third-party domain. It's you and only you who has submitted bad code and mis-written your website to behave badly. Be happy we haven't blocked your website already for leaking privacy to third party.

Q: Why don't you whitelist


  1. It's up to individual users (i.e. you) to create and maintain their own whitelist.

  2. By whitelisting bad domain X because website Y uses bad domain X, we're deceiving our users who believe they're protected against bad domain X.

  3. Through this repository's issue board, we're trying our best to give people the right information for them to decide whether they should allow access to some domains, despite them being marked as bad.

Official mirrors

The following repositories are official mirrors and should (when things goes right) be updated by [push on commit][poc]

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A few keywords for this project is Enhanced Privacy, DNS Firewall, Privacy First