40 Commits (main)

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Tim e39fe9c458 feat: New: 0x0, SearXNG, Uptime Monitor 4 weeks ago
Tim 74ec166413 fix: update to be the right domain 4 weeks ago
Tim c76fee5ca0 feat: zerossl support 4 weeks ago
Tim 38db8645ff feat: uptime monitor 4 weeks ago
Tim 6e85303db9 chore: cleanup & add new servers 4 weeks ago
Tim bc547269bd feat: authentication on registry 2 months ago
Tim 49e6950de4 feat: minecraft 3 months ago
Tim d2e0a0c790 feat: isso for comments (#9) 4 months ago
Tim 10e91b17aa feat: live-stream (#8) 4 months ago
Tim d691dd789a fix: remove ratelimts because they were hurting my dns usage 5 months ago
Tim 0bb8dc0403 chore: update main page plugging my service 5 months ago
Tim 2129c9126e fix: correct UID 5 months ago
Tim f1904e2ad9 feat: analytics on gitea 5 months ago
Tim cdf2707496 feat: opennic & readme re-write (#7) 6 months ago
Tim 7f18777d8b feat: docker registry & arm building (#6) 7 months ago
Tim 44104847fc feat: healthcheck wallabag & container_name(s) (#5) 7 months ago
Tim fc332fec20 feat: sane defaults (#4) 7 months ago
Tim 5ae0be88bb feat: correct hostnames & new apps 7 months ago
Tim a653825c80 fix: update to latest ansible via real docker container for ci 7 months ago
Tim 805dbe70dc fix: migrate to using mailcow.ansible-mailcow (#2) 7 months ago
Tim 51e734374a feat agents with linting? 7 months ago
Tim 6812c4523e feat: woodpecker building 7 months ago
Tim 53e110bc1c fix: fishnet key via docker 7 months ago
Tim 482d5bd075 feat: mumble server 7 months ago
Tim 08925a28bb fix: gitea ssh passthrough & view repos by default 7 months ago
Tim cff9be27bd feat: gitea hosted & fixing traefik 7 months ago
Tim b9a98f4765 feat: gitea 7 months ago
Tim 27d41c0647 feat: fishnet 8 months ago
Tim 0c24fd4810 fix: http to https? 8 months ago
Tim 08a112713f feat: support debian & ubuntu 8 months ago
Tim b7c697ee3d fix: redirect http to https 2 years ago
Tim 4be2dc121a feat: nginx containers for blog and static files 2 years ago
Tim 3f20936335 feat: -gotify +nginx 2 years ago
Tim c99427b664 feat: redirect http to https 2 years ago
Tim b1e8942811 fix: restart unless stopped 2 years ago
Tim 52550e5339 role: gotify 2 years ago
Tim c5f7f7b725 feat: acme.sh 2 years ago
Tim f74c69bce2 feat: wallabag 2 years ago
Tim 1ddfcf758b feat: treafik 2 years ago
Tim 07bf625aae Initial Commit 2 years ago