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Slowpoke The Bot 8e96301654 chore: Configure Renovate (#2)
Welcome to [Renovate](https://github.com/renovatebot/renovate)! This is an onboarding PR to help you understand and configure settings before regular Pull Requests begin.

🚦 To activate Renovate, merge this Pull Request. To disable Renovate, simply close this Pull Request unmerged.

### Detected Package Files

 * `.gitea/workflows/build.yml` (github-actions)

### What to Expect

With your current configuration, Renovate will create 1 Pull Request:

<summary>chore(deps): update ghcr.io/openzim/mwoffliner docker tag to v1.13.0</summary>

  - Schedule: ["at any time"]
  - Branch name: `renovate/ghcr.io-openzim-mwoffliner-1.x`
  - Merge into: `main`
  - Upgrade [ghcr.io/openzim/mwoffliner](https://github.com/openzim/mwoffliner) to `1.13.0`



 Got questions? Check out Renovate's [Docs](https://docs.renovatebot.com/), particularly the Getting Started section.
If you need any further assistance then you can also [request help here](https://github.com/renovatebot/renovate/discussions).


This PR has been generated by [Renovate Bot](https://github.com/renovatebot/renovate).


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