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No Downtime and Increases in Storage

First off. I would like to say thank you to anonymous that recently donated to on Liberapay. I appreciate your donation. We are now 17% on our way to being completely funded! Once that happens I'll have to make some serious decisions!

I've opted in for some more storage on our Git host which will give us enough breathing room and will stop me from worrying about people mirroring huge repos. While I do love that you thought of me for your git hosting, Ideally it is for code-first rather than binaries/objects.

This storage increase has doubled our capacity! So rejoice! I also did some cleanup and removed some extra services such as my old docker registry, and the minecraft server that was running. This box is now completely dedicated to git and i'll try and keep it that way.

For some numbers: we went from hovering around 80-85% usage to 26% usage after the increase and cleanup. You could infer how much our storage was from these numbers so enjoy you math inclined people.

Looking forward

If we manage to continue to grow (which I hope we do) and fill up the rest of this volume, we will need to migrate to a newer server with beefier storage. I've already got some ideas but also want to make sure that we don't have any issues with future growth after that.

Unfortunately for that to happen we'll need to hit our current 100% goal. So if our data usage is around 26% now, our donation goal is only 17%. So we are lacking behind in our funding relative to storage. Not to worry as it's quite far away and I don't see us reaching our storage limits until next year unless you all decided on mirroring GBs worth of repos!

Again thankyou to our mystery donator, and thankyou to anyone chosing to come to our little gitea host.

Until next time,



ps. Wondering what we also offer? See a list of all our services on our liberapay page or my blog