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# New Theme & More Transparency
If you were unlucky enough to be using the git web-service during the period of 8:00 to 9:00 UTC today you may have seen a couple 404s or 503s while I was deploying the new container gitea runs in.
Two major changes have happened.
1. We have cool new themes! Mainly the Catppuccin themes from here:
2. I've enabled Runners to be setup
3. & we've setup Renovate to run under the "Slowpoke" bot account
Checkout the Catppuccin repo for some picks, or checkout your Settings > Appearance and pick one you like. I'm currently rocking the `catppuccin-macchiato-mauve` and have picked a nice default `catppuccin-frappe-green` for all new accounts.
If you do not like them, please of course feel free to change back to `arc-green`.
Runners are gitea's answer to Github actions, and while it is still in alpha stages, you can test it out!
Here are some examples: [A ansible lint job](, and a [docker-build job](
Currently I'll only allow donators access to's runners (ARMv8 & AMD64), but the best part is... you can self host it! See the [gitea act_runner responsitory]( for more information on setting up a self hosted runner. (And don't forget to enable the 'Actions' setting in your responsitories!)
The Renovate bot has one addendum in that it is setup to run in the gitea runner, and unfortunately gitea runner does not currently support schedules. Follow this pull-request for more information on gitea's supporting schedules:
Also currently I am funding this git host out of my own pocket, which is mostly because I want a git box and test out cool things. If I've popped a little widget showing our funding goal for the year. Just using the service is enough for me, but if you wish to contribute to keeping the service online (and gaining access to some git benefits) please do check it out.
It even has a link to all the other information regarding what we do on the web, such as running a Metasearch engine, and DNS resolvers.
To anyone reading this, thankyou for using our service.