A fork of AnisearchKomga which uses the Title instead of the internal Name for getting the data https://github.com/Pfuenzle/AnisearchKomga/
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Anisearch metadata scraper for Komga


This Script gets a list of every manga available on your Komga instance, looks it up one after another on Anisearch and gets the metadata for the specific series. This metadata then gets converted to be compatible to Komga and then gets sent to the server instance and added to the manga entry.

See below for a list of supported attributes and languages


  • A Komga instance with access to the admin account
  • Either Windows/Linux/MAc or alternatively Docker
  • Python installed if using Windows, Linux or Mac natively

Supported Languages

These languages have to be set in the config under anisearchlang.

If the chosen language has no summary available, the english summary will be used. For status and publisher the japanese metadata will be used as a fallback.

I tried to test the languages as best as I could, but if I missed something please make an Issue and tell me whats wrong :)

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese

Parsed Attributes

  • Status
  • Summary
  • Publisher
  • Age rating (not supported for now, does Anisearch even have this?)
  • Genres
  • Tags

Getting started (Native)

  1. Install the requirements using pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Init Playwright using playwright install
  3. Rename config.template.py to config.py and edit the url, email and password to match the ones of your komga instance (User needs to have permission to edit the metadata). The "mangas" array can be filled with the names of mangas which are supposed to be updated, if it is left empty every manga will be updated. "keepProgress" can be set to either "True" or "False". If it is set to true, successfully updated Mangas will be stored in a list and not be updated on the next run.
  4. Run the script using python mangaMetadata.py

Getting started (Docker)

  1. Run the docker image (replace the url, email and password with the one of your Komga instance (user needs to have permission to edit the metadata)) using
docker run \
  -e KOMGAURL=https://komga.com \
  -e KOMGAEMAIL=adminemail@komga.com \
  -e KOMGAPASSWORD=12345 \
  -e LANGUAGE=German \
  --name anisearchkomga \

Hint: Replace \ with ` when using Powershell

Alternatively, you could run the docker-compose to get a running container with progress tracking

Additional Environment Variables

  • MANGAS="Manga1,Manga2" - This can be used to give a comma seperated list of mangas which are supposed to be updated. If it is left blank, every manga will be updated.
  • KEEPPROGRESS=True - This can be set to either true or false. If it is set to true, a list of all successfully updated mangas will be saved and mangas in this list will not be updated on the next run. If you want to persist the list on the disk, you have to also add a volume as following: -v /path/to/mangas.progress:/app/mangas.progress, where /path/to/mangas.progress has to be replaced with the path to an empty existing file.