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Enable Pixel Ui and Some Exclusive Features.


  • Android Version: Android 7.0 to Android 13
  • Arm64 device
  • Volume Keys (optional)
  • Internet for NGA Resources, Pixel Livewallpaper, Device Personalization Services & Pixel Launcher
  • Zygisk or Riru (Recommended but not compulsary)
  • Note: flash zip on magisk only not twrp

Supported Roms

  • OneUi
  • Custom Roms
  • Pixel Stock
  • Android One
  • MiUI
  • FunTouchOS
  • OxygenOS
  • ColorOs
  • All stock android roms
  • Windows Subsystem Android

Pixelify Sub Modules

Is Pixelify not working correctly or too big for your phone, Pixelify provide some sub module for standalone features

  • Call Screening
  • Now Playing (Android System Inteligence required)
  • Google Hotword
  • Google Photos Unlimited Backup
  • Google Bootanimation


  • Recommend to use magisk v24 or above from Pixelify v2
  • If Volume keys are working then ignore no_vk files otherwise check Installation without Volume Keys
  • Enable zygisk
  • Flash Module
  • Enjoy

Installation without Volume Keys

  • Use packages with Pixelify-${version}-no_VK.zip
  • Place config.prop to internal storage>Pixelify (/sdcard/Pixelify/config.prop)
  • Edit prop according what you want to select
  • (If you have any problem placing config.prop there then you also can extract and update config.prop inside the packages it automatically use it.)

Zygisk and Riru spoofing configuration

  • Pixel 5:- Google TTS, Google Play services, Pixel Buds, Nothing Smart Center
  • Pixel XL:- Google Photos
  • Pixel 7 Pro:- Google app, Google one, Breel Wallpaper, Snapchat
  • Pixel 6 Pro:- Rest Google apps except (all Google camera package)

    Note :- Zygisk spoofing can't overide PixelProp Utils.

Features of Pixelify module

  • Initial Size of module is low
  • Open Source
  • Works with Riru as well as Zygisk
  • Works with most of Android version (Nougat to 13)
  • Uses Dynamic spoofing (Riru & Zygisk) to only Google apps to prevent crashes and other issues
  • Provides most of Pixel Features
  • Installation is can be optional
  • Supports (720p,1080p,1440p) Google bootanimation
  • Allows to created backup for online pixelify packages
  • Also provides some unreleased Pixel Features
  • Create Google keyboard, Google app, Google Text to speech, Google Dialer as system app if not installed
  • Dynamic Permission generation of apps installed by pixelify
  • Config as well as Volume key installation
  • Patches Flags to force enable pixel features
  • Single zip works with Zygisk as well as Riru
  • Works on almost all roms.

Pixel Features

Pixel 7 Features Enables

  • Pixel 6 & Pixel 7 Live Wallpapers*
  • Magic Eraser
  • Google Dialer Direct Call (12+)
  • New At a Glance feature (12+ & Dec+ Patch)
  • Google Quick Pharse*
  • Google Next Generation Assistant Typing (Next Generation Assistant Required)*
  • Call Caption Typing (12+)
  • Live Captions different language

Other Features

  • Adaptive Charging (Google SystemUI)
  • Adaptive Connectivity (11+)
  • Adaptive Sound (11+)*
  • Battery Widget (Working depends on rom)
  • Call Captions (11+)(Depends on Rom)
  • Enables Nexus, Pixel, and Android One app support
  • Extreme Battery Saver (11+) [ Settings > Battery > Battery Saver > Extreme Battery Saver -12 ]
  • Google Dialer Call Screening
  • Google Dialer Hold for me
  • Google Dialer Call Recording (Device depended for working)
  • Google Digital Wellbeing Heads up
  • Google Duo features
  • Google Fit Heart rate
  • Google Fit Respiratory rate
  • Live captions (10+)
  • Next Generation Assistant* (10+)(Optional)
  • Now Playing Export* (Works only on Pixel Phone)
  • Pixel Device spoofing (Optional)
  • Pixel Blue theme accent
  • Pixel bootanimation (Optional)
  • Pixel Launcher (10+)(Optional)
  • Pixel Live Wallpapers (Optional)
  • Pokemon SideKick Live Wallpaper (Optional-Included with LiveWallpapers)
  • Portrait Light (10+)
  • Screen Attention Service
  • Smart Compose
  • Unlimited Photos backup (Storage saver)
  • Unlimited Photos backup (original) (needs Zygisk or Riru)
    • Requires Spoofing to Pixel device

Call Screening Supported languages other than English US

  • Italian (IT)
  • Japanese (JP)
  • Spain (ES)
  • France (FR)
  • Germany (DE)

Contribute to project

  • Reporting bugs with logs
  • Feature Requests
  • Supporting other persons on issues or telegram group
  • Creating pull request to enable new feature or code improvements
  • Donation

Thanks to the following project contributors



  • Google to creating these awesome features
  • topjohnwu for Magisk
  • #TeamFiles for so many themed icons for Pixel Launcher android 12
  • Kdrag0n for SimpleDeviceConfig
  • Freak07 for Adaptive Sound
  • Pranav Pandey for BreelWallpaper2020 Port
  • HuskyDG for intial Riru Port, Bootloop saver
  • Saitama Fixing Pixel Launcher crashes
  • Pixelify Support Group Members for testing beta versions


Version 2.2

  • Added small Pixelify script to remove backup and disable pixel launcher without reinstalling
  • Added support of NGA Resources in Android 13,12L,12,11
  • Bootloop fixed on OxygenOS 13 & ColorOS 13
  • Enabled Always On Display in settings
  • Enabled Clip-Board-Overlay (A13)
  • Enabled Live Bloom Wallpapers
  • Enabled Pixel 3/4a Live Wallpapers
  • Fixed Android System Intelligence crashes (A13)
  • Fixed Google Recorder transcription for OEMS Roms
  • Fixed Internal Spoof override for Evolution X A13
  • Fixed Phones automatically reboot and Pixelify Disabled
  • Fixed Pixel Launcher Crash on December Patches
  • Fixed Pixel Launcher Crash on OxygenOS 12
  • Fixed Riru Library for Pixel 6 models
  • Fixed Uninstaller may taking cpu in background for some users
  • Fixed crashes of styles and wallpapers on some ROMs (a13)
  • Fixed incompatible version speech pack given by Google Offline Speech pack
  • Fixed module disabled by default
  • Fixed translation showing unknown languages
  • Fixes for Assistant Voice Typing (NGA Tying)
  • Fixes for Bootloop saver
  • Fixes for Call Screening & Added More Call screening Languages
  • Fixes for Call recording on google dialer
  • Fixes for Google apps crashing on oppo color os, and Vivo phones (a13,a12)
  • Fixes for Pixel launcher crash on OOS (12)
  • Fixes for Pixel launcher recent crash on some customs roms(Thanks to @@saitama_96) a13
  • Fully Fixed Precise location disable caused by GMS
  • Google Hotword is removed for now
  • Grammar checker fixed for Fr-Fr, Es-Es
  • Internal Spoofing is now supported for more roms (13/12L)
  • No volume key installation will be aborted if config is not placed /sdcard/Pixelify/config.prop
  • Pixelify won't grant more permissions to Google play services
  • Removed Installation of Offline Speech Pack from Pixelify
  • Support for Pixel 7 Phones
  • Updated Android System Intelligence to T19.pixel6 (13)
  • Updated Live Wallpaper to v2.0 (Pokemon SideKick live wall exist too)
  • More small fixes

Version 2.1

  • Support for OxygenOS & Color OS 12, 12L, 13.
  • Support for Riru
  • Added Bootloop saver inside Pixelify (only for Pixelify)
  • Fixed Android 13 Styles and wallpaper showing 4 Colors instead of 16
  • Fixed Call caption crashes in Android 13
  • More Fixes for the safety net (CTS)
  • Disabled Next Generation Assistant in ONEUi 4 or above due to boot loop
  • Disabled Boot animation in OxygenOS 12, 12L, 13
  • Updated Android System Intelligence (13) to T8.pixel6
  • Updated Android System Intelligence (12) to S28.pixel6
  • Fixed Google photos Unlimited backup becomes storage saver in some ROMs due to features conflict.
  • Fixed Pixel Launcher not installing on some Lineage OS ROM due to an invalid security patch defined by rom
  • Fixes for Precise location
  • Created Pixelify Uninstaller to remove pixelify
  • Enabled Universal Search in Android 13
  • Enabled Unified Security & Privacy settings in Android 13
  • Updated Pixel Live Wallpapers to v1.9
  • Fixed Prebuilt Pixel Launcher disappeared while uninstalling Pixelify
  • Added Script to generate Bootloop logs (beta) at /sdcard/Pixelify/boot_logs.txt
  • Added OK Google Hotword (Android Pie to Android 13)
  • Enabled Internal Spoofing for Elixir OS
  • Fixed Recent Text selection in Pixel Launcher Recents
  • The G logo in Gboard is made Optional
  • Renamed no_vk.prop to config.prop
  • Normal Pixelify.vXX.zip can now also config.prop
  • Added Bootloop Saver for Pixelify
  • Fixes for Grammar & Correction in Google Keyboard
  • Fixes for Audio issues
  • Enabled more options in At a Glance
  • Improved Pixelify installation logs
  • Added more Themed icons in Pixel Launcher from #TEAMFILES
  • Added Styles and Wallpapers for Android 13
  • Added Pixel Launcher for Android 13
  • Fixes for some ROMs not showing pixel static wallpapers
  • Fixed Bubble not showing in Google dialer
  • Fixes for Google Text to speech
  • Updated Pixel Launcher in Android 12
  • Improved Battery backup from v2.02
  • Added Support to disable internal spoofing of particular rom
  • Many minor improvements & bug fixes

Version 2.02

  • Fixes for Quick phrase
  • Option to disable internal spoofing for some rom ( might break ota | please read FAQ)
  • Added optional fix for Rboard
  • Fixed monet themeing of notification of google dialer
  • Support for monet bootanimation ( only supported rom only )
  • Fixes for Pixel live wallpaper crashing
  • made Google Settings service as an optional
  • Fixed app search on pixel launcher
  • Enabled Call caption typing
  • Added option to force download online pack if internet is not detected
  • Fixed Select in Pixel launcher recent on some roms
  • Fixes for offline translation in Gboard
  • Enabled Emoji Stickers and Emojify in Gboard
  • Completly removed cts dependency on Pixelify module
  • Enabled At a Store, and Doorbell extras in at a Glance.
  • Improved Pixel Launcher search
  • Updated Android system intelligence to pixel6.s18
  • Enabled G logo in gboard
  • added Google offline speech 5011 version (optional to install)
  • Enabled Recents rounded corners
  • more features enabled and bug fixes..

Version 2.01

  • Fixed Safety net issues
  • Fixed blank call screen when Google Dialer not installed or not selected Google Dialer features for other Dialers
  • Added support for German call screening lang support
  • Spoofed Snapchat to pixel 6
  • Enabled Battery Widget (March Security patch+)
  • Fixed Precise Location
  • Fixes for Play Store downloading
  • Enable Wellbeing widget
  • Fixed crashes of extreme saver mode on custom rom
  • Call voice issue for some people had been fixed.
  • Attempt to fix Pixel Launcher on stock roms like MiUi, OneUi....
  • Updated Android System Intelligence to latest version
  • Initial support for Android 12L and Android 13
  • Fixed for battery drain issue
  • Better support for tensor chip
  • Pixel 6 user now will have option to choose magic eraser or unlimited storage
  • Some minor improvements.

Version 2.0

  • Bug Fixes & lots of improvements
  • Fixed Google Assistant bug
  • Spoofing via Zygisk (Magisk v24 or v24+ is required)
  • Call screening support for Italian (IT), Japanese (JP), Spain (ES), France (FR)
  • Fixes for Android System Intelligence installation.
  • Rename Device Personalisation services to Android System Intelligence
  • Module will auto detect and install Bootanimation according your resolution.
    Supported are:- 720p, 1080p, 1440p
    Other resolution will use 1080p
  • Fixed opposite installation via No volume key problem
  • Enable All options in At a glance
  • Forcely Enabled Android S notification style dialer notification for Android S
  • Fixed Removal of some fonts on installing Pixelify module
  • Added more fixes to enable Nga voice typing
  • Fixed Pixel Launcher Crash due to missing PACKAGE_USAGE permission
  • Added and optimise Nexus launcher 3rd party icons
  • Updated Android System Intelligence (12) to S11
  • Some more fixes for Call screening
  • Fixed Wrong detection for using Nov patch or December Patch Pixel Launcher
  • Fixed removal of system app on uninstalling Pixelify module
  • Made dialer popup less annoyed (it will come if using pixel2021 version
  • Removed option to spoof Pixel 3XL as Google removed Unlimited for Pixel 3 XL (You can still get Unlimited via Zygisk)
  • Added missing NGA_BACKUP tag for No volume keys
  • Fixes for Google recorder
  • Fixed Search Bar background color in A12

Version 1.9

  • Fixed crash of Private compute app
  • Added option for Google Unlimited storage backup
  • Added Support without volume keys
  • Fixes for call screening, call recording
  • Fixed Pixel launcher crash
  • Fixed Smart Compose
  • Added more icons on Pixel Launcher A12
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Removed intro voice for call recording for more devices

Version 1.81

  • Fixes for Downloading Live Caption on A12
  • Update Device Personalisation Services (A12)
  • Option to switch spoof to Pixel 6 Pro or Pixel 5
  • some fixes for download Live Translate
  • Switched Online for Pixel Launcher
  • Android 12 Pixel Launcher now supports 450 themed icons.
  • Fixes for Nga Voice Typing & Bloom section in Pixel Live Wallpapers
  • Fixes for Quick Phrase
  • Reduced initial module size to 22 Mb

Version 1.8

  • Introduced Installation Logs (/sdcard/Pixelify/logs.txt)
  • New way for SimpleDeviceConfig
  • introduced auto generate apps permissions
  • Added Pokemon SideKick LiveWallpaper
  • Small bugs fixes and Ui changes
  • Updated Device Personalisation services (a12)
  • Fixes on Unlimited Photos Backup
  • Added more themed icon on Pixel Launcher (a12)

Version 1.71

  • Attempt to enable Direct my Call and Call Recording to all countries
  • Dropped fingerprint spoof
  • Dropped SimpleDeviceConfig
  • Update Bootanim and media from pixel 6
  • introduced auto generate apps permissions
  • Fixed Magic earser
  • Switched model Spoof to Pixel 5
  • Added Unlimited Photos backup (Storage Saver)
  • Enabled Direct Call in Google Dialer (USE THIS APK)
  • Enabled Live Transcript (Not working on my device)
  • Enabled Google Quick Pharse
  • Enabled Pixel 6 Live Wallpapers (Update APK from playstore)

Version 1.7

  • Fingerprint - October Security patch (A11)
  • Fixed Photos Editor & not detecting pixel devices on spoof (Need Clear data)
  • Added Small patch for call screening voice fix (may not work with all devices)
  • Updated Live Wallpaper (all) and Device Personalisation (A11+A12) packages
  • Added Pixel launcher for A12
  • New Pixel 6 Design Google Assistant (NGA)
  • Switched Model to Pixel 6
  • Fixed crashing of Device Personalisation on Android 12
  • Added Styles and Wallpaper & Extreme Battery Saver for Android 12
  • fixed minor bugs

Version 1.6

  • Fixed Android S dimension problem and Accent colors problem
  • Fingerprint - September Security patch
  • Fixed bootloop on some devices due to Extreme battery Saver
  • Added Pixel Photos Unlimted storage backup
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Extreme Battery Saver now optional.

Version 1.5

  • Fixed No Internet Connection problem on some roms.
  • Fingerprint - August Security patch
  • Fixes Camera Crash for some deivces
  • Device Personalisation is Optional
  • Size of Module Reduze to 25Mb
  • Android S Minimal Support
  • Added Extreme Battery Saver (Android 11 Only | S will be supported on afterwards) [ On Settings > Battery ]
  • Enabled Google Dialer Video Calling Preference, Bussiness Search, Android S Ui (For all Android Version), Prefix (May Not Work)

Version 1.4

  • Introduced auto set Fp according build id to fix cts
  • Google Latest Call Screening for everyone
  • Google Hold for Me
  • Google Photos Locked Folder
  • Google Assistant to Answer Call, Reject Call
  • Updated GEL.GSAPrefs.xml
  • Introduced Logs, saved at Internal Storage > Pixelify > logs.txt (Beta)
  • Forced Enable Caption Call (In Live Caption Settings)(Depends on ROM)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Support for Live Caption and Pixel Launcher for Android Q
  • Fingerprint - July Security patch
  • Fixed small Issues
  • Added Google Call Recording (Beta)
  • Fixed now playing for pixel devices

Version 1.3

  • Added Adaptive Connectivity
  • Fixed small bug
  • Signed all overlays with system signature
  • Improved Gboard Smart Compose
  • Improved gboard new design (Now more colors are available in Themes)
  • Gboard will also converted into system-app if isn't
  • Fixed Fingerprint for A10 to A8 devices.
  • Added SimpleDeviceConfig.apk
  • Switch to Normal Pixel Launcher
  • Fixed Uninstallation of other Launcher
  • Updated spoof props to june sec patch

Version 1.2

  • Updated Pixel Props to may
  • Updated GEL.GSAPrefs.xml
  • Fixed Pixel Launcher not installed
  • Disabled Call screening if not selected

Version 1.1

  • Added NGA support without Pixel spoof
  • Added Gboard Smart Compose
  • Call Screening Optional

Version 1.0

  • Fixed Bootloops because of permissions
  • Added Styles and Wallpapers for Pie and Ten

Version Beta 1.5

  • Improved backups support
  • Fixed Google crashes
  • Add Wellbeing headsup (beta only)

Version Beta 1.4

  • Added Pixel Live Wallpapers
  • Sdk support unitl 26
  • added Overlay support for sdk less than 30
  • Updated DevicePersonalisationSevice
  • updated Turbo
  • Fixed compatibility for sdk 26-29

Version Beta 1.3

  • Fixed Installation stuck on NGA resources
  • Some Minor Fixes
  • Fixed velvet (if non system app) is gone after uninstall

Version Beta 1.2

  • Fixed NGA Mic
  • Added Settings Overlay for Screen Attention and Adaptive Charging
  • Update Permissions for Dialer and DevicePersonalisation
  • Fixed NGA on Roms using PropUtils

Version Beta 1.1

  • Add Next gen Assitant
  • Fixed crash of GoogleDialer
  • Removed Google Framework
  • Added Option to backup NGA Resources
  • Fixed CTS fail for some devices with Spoof

Beta 1.0

  • Initial repo