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Enable Pixel Ui and Some Exclusive Features.


  • Android Version: Android 7.0 to Android 13
  • Arm64 device
  • Volume Keys (optional)
  • Internet for NGA Resources, Pixel Livewallpaper, Device Personalization Services & Pixel Launcher
  • Zygisk or Riru (Recommended but not compulsary)
  • Note: flash zip on magisk only not twrp

Supported Roms

  • OneUi
  • Custom Roms
  • Pixel Stock
  • Android One
  • MiUI
  • FunTouchOS
  • OxygenOS
  • ColorOs
  • All stock android roms
  • Windows Subsystem Android


  • Recommend to use magisk v24 or above from Pixelify v2
  • If Volume keys are working then ignore no_vk files otherwise check Installation without Volume Keys
  • Enable zygisk
  • Flash Module
  • Enjoy

Installation without Volume Keys

  • Use packages with Pixelify-${version}
  • Place config.prop to internal storage>Pixelify (/sdcard/Pixelify/config.prop)
  • Edit prop according what you want to select
  • (If you have any problem placing config.prop there then you also can extract and update config.prop inside the packages it automatically use it.)

Zygisk and Riru spoofing configuration

  • Pixel 5:- Google TTS, Google Play services, Pixel Buds
  • Pixel XL:- Google Photos
  • Pixel 6 Pro:- Rest Google apps except (all Google camera package)

    Note :- Zygisk spoofing can't overide PixelProp Utils.

Features of Pixelify module

  • Initial Size of module is low
  • Open Source
  • Works with Riru as well as Zygisk
  • Works with most of Android version (Nougat to 13)
  • Uses Dynamic spoofing (Riru & Zygisk) to only Google apps to prevent crashes and other issues
  • Provides most of Pixel Features
  • Installation is can be optional
  • Supports (720p,1080p,1440p) Google bootanimation
  • Allows to created backup for online pixelify packages
  • Also provides some unreleased Pixel Features
  • Create Google keyboard, Google app, Google Text to speech, Google Dialer as system app if not installed
  • Dynamic Permission generation of apps installed by pixelify
  • Config as well as Volume key installation
  • Patches Flags to force enable pixel features
  • Single zip works with Zygisk as well as Riru
  • Works on almost all roms.

Pixel Features

Pixel 6 Features Enables

  • Pixel 6 Live Wallpapers*
  • Magic Eraser (USE THIS APK)(7+)
  • Google Dialer Direct Call (12+)
  • New At a Glance feature (12+ & Dec+ Patch)
  • Google Quick Pharse*
  • Google Next Generation Assistant Typing (Next Generation Assistant Required)*
  • Call Caption Typing (12+)
  • Live Captions different language

Other Features

  • Adaptive Charging (Google SystemUI)
  • Adaptive Connectivity (11+)
  • Adaptive Sound (11+)*
  • Battery Widget (Working depends on rom)
  • Call Captions (11+)(Depends on Rom)
  • Enables Nexus, Pixel, and Android One app support
  • Extreme Battery Saver (11+) [ Settings > Battery > Battery Saver > Extreme Battery Saver -12 ]
  • Google Dialer Call Screening
  • Google Dialer Hold for me
  • Google Dialer Call Recording (Device depended for working)
  • Google Digital Wellbeing Heads up
  • Google Duo features
  • Google Fit Heart rate
  • Google Fit Respiratory rate
  • Live captions (10+)
  • Next Generation Assistant* (10+)(Optional)
  • Now Playing Export* (Works only on Pixel Phone)
  • Pixel Device spoofing (Optional)
  • Pixel Blue theme accent
  • Pixel bootanimation (Optional)
  • Pixel Launcher (10+)(Optional)
  • Pixel Live Wallpapers (Optional)
  • Pokemon SideKick Live Wallpaper (Optional-Included with LiveWallpapers)
  • Portrait Light (10+)
  • Screen Attention Service
  • Smart Compose
  • Unlimited Photos backup (Storage saver)
  • Unlimited Photos backup (original) (needs Zygisk or Riru)
    • Requires Spoofing to Pixel device

Call Screening Supported languages other than English US

(Before you install the module, your country's language needs to be set as default system language and your SIM card needs to be from the same country.)
Note: Automatic call screening aren't supported by these languages

  • Italian (IT)
  • Japanese (JP)
  • Spain (ES)
  • France (FR)
  • Germany (DE)

Guide to enable / Faqs / Troubleshooting

Contribute to project

  • Reporting bugs with logs
  • Feature Requests
  • Supporting other persons on issues or telegram group
  • Creating pull request to enable new feature or code improvements
  • Donation

Thanks to the following project contributors


  • Google to creating these awesome features
  • topjohnwu for Magisk
  • #TeamFiles for so many themed icons for Pixel Launcher android 12
  • Kdrag0n for SimpleDeviceConfig
  • Freak07 for Adaptive Sound
  • Pranav Pandey for BreelWallpaper2020 Port
  • HuskyDG for intial Riru Port, Bootloop saver
  • Pixelify Support Group Members for testing beta versions


Version 2.1

  • Support for OxygenOS & Color OS 12, 12L, 13.
  • Support for Riru
  • Added Bootloop saver inside Pixelify (only for Pixelify)
  • Fixed Android 13 Styles and wallpaper showing 4 Colors instead of 16
  • Fixed Call caption crashes in Android 13
  • More Fixes for the safety net (CTS)
  • Disabled Next Generation Assistant in ONEUi 4 or above due to boot loop
  • Disabled Boot animation in OxygenOS 12, 12L, 13
  • Updated Android System Intelligence (13) to T8.pixel6
  • Updated Android System Intelligence (12) to S28.pixel6
  • Fixed Google photos Unlimited backup becomes storage saver in some ROMs due to features conflict.
  • Fixed Pixel Launcher not installing on some Lineage OS ROM due to an invalid security patch defined by rom
  • Fixes for Precise location
  • Created Pixelify Uninstaller to remove pixelify
  • Enabled Universal Search in Android 13
  • Enabled Unified Security & Privacy settings in Android 13
  • Updated Pixel Live Wallpapers to v1.9
  • Fixed Prebuilt Pixel Launcher disappeared while uninstalling Pixelify
  • Added Script to generate Bootloop logs (beta) at /sdcard/Pixelify/boot_logs.txt
  • Added OK Google Hotword (Android Pie to Android 13)
  • Enabled Internal Spoofing for Elixir OS
  • Fixed Recent Text selection in Pixel Launcher Recents
  • The G logo in Gboard is made Optional
  • Renamed no_vk.prop to config.prop
  • Normal can now also config.prop
  • Added Bootloop Saver for Pixelify
  • Fixes for Grammar & Correction in Google Keyboard
  • Fixes for Audio issues
  • Enabled more options in At a Glance
  • Improved Pixelify installation logs
  • Added more Themed icons in Pixel Launcher from #TEAMFILES
  • Added Styles and Wallpapers for Android 13
  • Added Pixel Launcher for Android 13
  • Fixes for some ROMs not showing pixel static wallpapers
  • Fixed Bubble not showing in Google dialer
  • Fixes for Google Text to speech
  • Updated Pixel Launcher in Android 12
  • Improved Battery backup from v2.02
  • Added Support to disable internal spoofing of particular rom
  • Many minor improvements & bug fixes

Version 2.02

  • Fixes for Quick phrase
  • Option to disable internal spoofing for some rom ( might break ota | please read FAQ)
  • Added optional fix for Rboard
  • Fixed monet themeing of notification of google dialer
  • Support for monet bootanimation ( only supported rom only )
  • Fixes for Pixel live wallpaper crashing
  • made Google Settings service as an optional
  • Fixed app search on pixel launcher
  • Enabled Call caption typing
  • Added option to force download online pack if internet is not detected
  • Fixed Select in Pixel launcher recent on some roms
  • Fixes for offline translation in Gboard
  • Enabled Emoji Stickers and Emojify in Gboard
  • Completly removed cts dependency on Pixelify module
  • Enabled At a Store, and Doorbell extras in at a Glance.
  • Improved Pixel Launcher search
  • Updated Android system intelligence to pixel6.s18
  • Enabled G logo in gboard
  • added Google offline speech 5011 version (optional to install)
  • Enabled Recents rounded corners
  • more features enabled and bug fixes..

Version 2.01

  • Fixed Safety net issues
  • Fixed blank call screen when Google Dialer not installed or not selected Google Dialer features for other Dialers
  • Added support for German call screening lang support
  • Spoofed Snapchat to pixel 6
  • Enabled Battery Widget (March Security patch+)
  • Fixed Precise Location
  • Fixes for Play Store downloading
  • Enable Wellbeing widget
  • Fixed crashes of extreme saver mode on custom rom
  • Call voice issue for some people had been fixed.
  • Attempt to fix Pixel Launcher on stock roms like MiUi, OneUi....
  • Updated Android System Intelligence to latest version
  • Initial support for Android 12L and Android 13
  • Fixed for battery drain issue
  • Better support for tensor chip
  • Pixel 6 user now will have option to choose magic eraser or unlimited storage
  • Some minor improvements.

Version 2.0

  • Bug Fixes & lots of improvements
  • Fixed Google Assistant bug
  • Spoofing via Zygisk (Magisk v24 or v24+ is required)
  • Call screening support for Italian (IT), Japanese (JP), Spain (ES), France (FR)
  • Fixes for Android System Intelligence installation.
  • Rename Device Personalisation services to Android System Intelligence
  • Module will auto detect and install Bootanimation according your resolution.
    Supported are:- 720p, 1080p, 1440p
    Other resolution will use 1080p
  • Fixed opposite installation via No volume key problem
  • Enable All options in At a glance
  • Forcely Enabled Android S notification style dialer notification for Android S
  • Fixed Removal of some fonts on installing Pixelify module
  • Added more fixes to enable Nga voice typing
  • Fixed Pixel Launcher Crash due to missing PACKAGE_USAGE permission
  • Added and optimise Nexus launcher 3rd party icons
  • Updated Android System Intelligence (12) to S11
  • Some more fixes for Call screening
  • Fixed Wrong detection for using Nov patch or December Patch Pixel Launcher
  • Fixed removal of system app on uninstalling Pixelify module
  • Made dialer popup less annoyed (it will come if using pixel2021 version
  • Removed option to spoof Pixel 3XL as Google removed Unlimited for Pixel 3 XL (You can still get Unlimited via Zygisk)
  • Added missing NGA_BACKUP tag for No volume keys
  • Fixes for Google recorder
  • Fixed Search Bar background color in A12

Version 1.9

  • Fixed crash of Private compute app
  • Added option for Google Unlimited storage backup
  • Added Support without volume keys
  • Fixes for call screening, call recording
  • Fixed Pixel launcher crash
  • Fixed Smart Compose
  • Added more icons on Pixel Launcher A12
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Removed intro voice for call recording for more devices

Version 1.81

  • Fixes for Downloading Live Caption on A12
  • Update Device Personalisation Services (A12)
  • Option to switch spoof to Pixel 6 Pro or Pixel 5
  • some fixes for download Live Translate
  • Switched Online for Pixel Launcher
  • Android 12 Pixel Launcher now supports 450 themed icons.
  • Fixes for Nga Voice Typing & Bloom section in Pixel Live Wallpapers
  • Fixes for Quick Phrase
  • Reduced initial module size to 22 Mb

Version 1.8

  • Introduced Installation Logs (/sdcard/Pixelify/logs.txt)
  • New way for SimpleDeviceConfig
  • introduced auto generate apps permissions
  • Added Pokemon SideKick LiveWallpaper
  • Small bugs fixes and Ui changes
  • Updated Device Personalisation services (a12)
  • Fixes on Unlimited Photos Backup
  • Added more themed icon on Pixel Launcher (a12)

Version 1.71

  • Attempt to enable Direct my Call and Call Recording to all countries
  • Dropped fingerprint spoof
  • Dropped SimpleDeviceConfig
  • Update Bootanim and media from pixel 6
  • introduced auto generate apps permissions
  • Fixed Magic earser
  • Switched model Spoof to Pixel 5
  • Added Unlimited Photos backup (Storage Saver)
  • Enabled Direct Call in Google Dialer (USE THIS APK)
  • Enabled Live Transcript (Not working on my device)
  • Enabled Google Quick Pharse
  • Enabled Pixel 6 Live Wallpapers (Update APK from playstore)

Version 1.7

  • Fingerprint - October Security patch (A11)
  • Fixed Photos Editor & not detecting pixel devices on spoof (Need Clear data)
  • Added Small patch for call screening voice fix (may not work with all devices)
  • Updated Live Wallpaper (all) and Device Personalisation (A11+A12) packages
  • Added Pixel launcher for A12
  • New Pixel 6 Design Google Assistant (NGA)
  • Switched Model to Pixel 6
  • Fixed crashing of Device Personalisation on Android 12
  • Added Styles and Wallpaper & Extreme Battery Saver for Android 12
  • fixed minor bugs

Version 1.6

  • Fixed Android S dimension problem and Accent colors problem
  • Fingerprint - September Security patch
  • Fixed bootloop on some devices due to Extreme battery Saver
  • Added Pixel Photos Unlimted storage backup
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Extreme Battery Saver now optional.

Version 1.5

  • Fixed No Internet Connection problem on some roms.
  • Fingerprint - August Security patch
  • Fixes Camera Crash for some deivces
  • Device Personalisation is Optional
  • Size of Module Reduze to 25Mb
  • Android S Minimal Support
  • Added Extreme Battery Saver (Android 11 Only | S will be supported on afterwards) [ On Settings > Battery ]
  • Enabled Google Dialer Video Calling Preference, Bussiness Search, Android S Ui (For all Android Version), Prefix (May Not Work)

Version 1.4

  • Introduced auto set Fp according build id to fix cts
  • Google Latest Call Screening for everyone
  • Google Hold for Me
  • Google Photos Locked Folder
  • Google Assistant to Answer Call, Reject Call
  • Updated GEL.GSAPrefs.xml
  • Introduced Logs, saved at Internal Storage > Pixelify > logs.txt (Beta)
  • Forced Enable Caption Call (In Live Caption Settings)(Depends on ROM)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Support for Live Caption and Pixel Launcher for Android Q
  • Fingerprint - July Security patch
  • Fixed small Issues
  • Added Google Call Recording (Beta)
  • Fixed now playing for pixel devices

Version 1.3

  • Added Adaptive Connectivity
  • Fixed small bug
  • Signed all overlays with system signature
  • Improved Gboard Smart Compose
  • Improved gboard new design (Now more colors are available in Themes)
  • Gboard will also converted into system-app if isn't
  • Fixed Fingerprint for A10 to A8 devices.
  • Added SimpleDeviceConfig.apk
  • Switch to Normal Pixel Launcher
  • Fixed Uninstallation of other Launcher
  • Updated spoof props to june sec patch

Version 1.2

  • Updated Pixel Props to may
  • Updated GEL.GSAPrefs.xml
  • Fixed Pixel Launcher not installed
  • Disabled Call screening if not selected

Version 1.1

  • Added NGA support without Pixel spoof
  • Added Gboard Smart Compose
  • Call Screening Optional

Version 1.0

  • Fixed Bootloops because of permissions
  • Added Styles and Wallpapers for Pie and Ten

Version Beta 1.5

  • Improved backups support
  • Fixed Google crashes
  • Add Wellbeing headsup (beta only)

Version Beta 1.4

  • Added Pixel Live Wallpapers
  • Sdk support unitl 26
  • added Overlay support for sdk less than 30
  • Updated DevicePersonalisationSevice
  • updated Turbo
  • Fixed compatibility for sdk 26-29

Version Beta 1.3

  • Fixed Installation stuck on NGA resources
  • Some Minor Fixes
  • Fixed velvet (if non system app) is gone after uninstall

Version Beta 1.2

  • Fixed NGA Mic
  • Added Settings Overlay for Screen Attention and Adaptive Charging
  • Update Permissions for Dialer and DevicePersonalisation
  • Fixed NGA on Roms using PropUtils

Version Beta 1.1

  • Add Next gen Assitant
  • Fixed crash of GoogleDialer
  • Removed Google Framework
  • Added Option to backup NGA Resources
  • Fixed CTS fail for some devices with Spoof

Beta 1.0

  • Initial repo