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Pixel Launcher Mods

Pixel Launcher Mods is a root app for Android 12+ that enables you to add a number of features to the stock Pixel Launcher, without needing Xposed.

  • Custom icons, including icon packs, adaptive icon packs and Lawnicons
  • Custom themed icons, add themed icons to apps that don't yet have them officially
  • Generate themed icons from supported normal icons
  • Replace Search Box with a widget of your choice
  • Hide At a Glance (space will remain unusable)
  • Hide apps from the app drawer
  • Resize widgets beyond their original bounds, down to 1x1 or up to the maximum size of your grid
  • Hide the status bar clock while the Pixel Launcher is visible, for ultimate minimalism
  • Disable Wallpaper Status Bar Scrim
  • Disable Wallpaper Region-based Widget Colours

Please read the FAQ before installing or making issues / asking questions


App Icons App Editor

Home screen Shortcut Editor Tweaks

Search Box replacement Hiding Apps

Icon Packs used in screenshots are a mixture of Lawnicons, OnDynamic Icon Pack, Lavien Adaptive Icon Pack, and a number of Pixel-style icon packs available on Google Play.


Download from the releases page

How It Works

Interested in how Pixel Launcher Mods works? You can read all about it here