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Translation status

SafeTwitch is a privacy respecting frontend for twitch.tv

The main advantages of SafeTwitch are:

  • Private: Every request is proxied through the server, and no logs are kept.
  • Lightweight: Compared to twitch, SafeTwitch is optimized for speed and usability.

You can visit it here, the official instance, at https://safetwitch.drgns.space
Or, you can find community instances here!

Do you want to help translate? You can do it over here on weblate! Translate

Okay, but why?

It is impossible to use Twitch without being bombarded with tons of ads, multiple trackers, and enourmous page sizes and loading times. This project aims to fix these issues, by removing all trackers, have much smaller page sizes, and very fast loading times.


User features

  • No connection to twitch/amazon
  • Lightweight on server and client
  • No Ads or tracking
  • No outside connections, only connection is the instance
  • Uses Vue for a speedy experience
  • No logs
  • Much smaller pages compared to Twitch (<1.6mb with images compared to >8.2mb)
  • Follow streamers locally to have a more personalized feel
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Proxied WebSocket IRC

Technical features

  • Public API
  • No official APIs are used
  • No rate limiting
  • Uses a custom Twitch webscraper

It's not all sunshine and rainbows though, and still has various cons, including

  • SafeTwitch was a learning project
  • dragongoose is silly (can't even drive yet 😔)
  • Uses Vue, which relies on Javascript

You aren't forced to use SafeTwitch, so use whatever suits you the most! Heres some other notable twitch projects

  • Xtra, a Twitch client focused on providing the best viewing and chatting experience on mobile devices
  • Twire, an ad free Twitch browser and stream player for Android.
  • Streamlink Twitch Gui, A multi platform Twitch.tv browser for Streamlink
  • Twineo, A alternative twitch frontend


Images More Images
 Photo of stream  Photo of stream
 Photo of category  Photo of streamer


Donations towards development are not accepted. I really thank you for feeling the need to donate, it does mean a lot to me!

Instead, please donate your money to one of these charities which mean a lot to me.

Getting Started

All documentation can be found on the wiki


Translation status

Translating is a great way to help contribute! Even if it's only one word, anything helps!

You can translate here: https://translate.codeberg.org/projects/safetwitch/frontend/


If you host a SafeTwitch instance and would like it to be listed in the readme, please make an issue or a pull request to add it in.


URL Country Info Cloudflare
safetwitch.drgns.space Official 🇺🇸 Homelab
safetwitch.projectsegfau.lt 🇺🇸 🇮🇳 🇫🇷 #2
stream.whateveritworks.org 🇩🇪 Hosted on Hetzner/Dedicated Server with Encryption at rest
safetwitch.datura.network 🇩🇪 #9
ttv.vern.cc 🇺🇸 #12
safetwitch.frontendfriendly.xyz 🇺🇸 #16
ttv.femboy.band 🇩🇪 #29
twitch.seitan-ayoub.lol 🇩🇪 Hetnzer VPS
st.ggtyler.dev 🇺🇸 See ggtyler's frontend list for more info and locations
safetwitch.lunar.icu 🇩🇪 See lunar.icu's site for more info
twitch.sudovanilla.com 🇺🇸 Selfhosted
safetwitch.r4fo.com 🇩🇪 #80
safetwitch.ducks.party 🇳🇱 Timeweb VPS
safetwitch.nogafam.fr 🇫🇷 See NoGafam services


URL Country Info
Onion vern.cc 🇺🇸 #12


URL Country Info
i2p vern.cc 🇺🇸 #12