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Newsraft is a feed reader with ncurses user interface. It's greatly inspired by Newsboat and tries to be its lightweight counterpart.

Newsraft in action


  • Parallel downloads
  • Section-based feeds grouping
  • Opening links in any program
  • Viewing news from all feeds with explore mode
  • Automatic updates for feeds and sections
  • Multiple actions key bindings
  • Support for feed generating scripts
  • Text search by news titles
  • Interactive interface for viewing news content

Check out comparison of Newsraft and Newsboat.


Name Version Necessity
curl >= 7.87.0 required
expat >= 2.4.8 required
gumbo-parser >= 0.11.0 required
ncursesw >= 6.2 required
sqlite >= 3.36.0 required
yajl >= 2.1.0 required
C compiler Any C99 required at build-time
make Any POSIX required at build-time
pkg-config >= 0.29.2 optional at build-time
scdoc >= 1.9.1 only for rebuilding man page


Some package repositories have Newsraft package so it can be installed with a package manager.

Packaging status

If your package repository doesn't provide Newsraft package, you can build it from source. Detailed instructions for different platforms are described in doc/build-instructions.md.

Learning more

The essential source of information about Newsraft is its man page (if you already have Newsraft installed, you can open it with the man newsraft command). Alternatively you can read the HTML version of this man page here.

Examples on how to configure Newsraft are located in the doc/examples directory.


Reporting bugs: doc/contributing-report.md

Making changes: doc/contributing-change.md


Newsraft is distributed under the terms of the ISC license.