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kali kaneko (leap communications) ec3f27147f [bug] do not declare VERSION twice
reverting a recent change that breaks `generate` step in build.

-Closes: #727
2023-04-12 16:15:37 +02:00
max b 14cf64b10a Add system certs to bonafide
lilypad/float is now using letsencrypt certs for vpnweb so instead of
instantiating an empty cert pool, we can just use the system pool and
then add the manually configured cert for backwards compatibility.
2023-03-23 15:51:38 +01:00
Kikki da0621717b bug: increment counter 2023-02-21 17:44:23 +01:00
jkito 1804de3705 [ghaci] Add provider_name input to github actions nightly job
this will allow to select the provider for which branding should
be applied to the bitmask-vpn app buil during the nightly job
2023-02-21 17:38:37 +01:00
jkito 5c995e9d2e [build] Add developer docs for the build env setup playbooks
this adds instructions for doing development and testing changes
locally using a macOS and windows vms created using quickemu
2023-02-21 17:38:06 +01:00
jkito d1062760fc [build] Add README for windows build env setup playbook 2023-02-21 17:38:06 +01:00
jkito a38a558b85 [build] Add ansible playbook to setup build env on windows 2023-02-21 17:38:06 +01:00
jkito 164d847d9d [build] Add README for macos build env setup playbook 2023-02-21 17:38:06 +01:00
jkito 29a4fc9d89 [build] Add ansible playbook to setup build env on macos
this playbook installs homebrew, and QtIFW on the target macos
host and other build dependencies like go, make, etc. from brew
2023-02-21 17:38:06 +01:00
kali kaneko (leap communications) ebecaf5ba3 feat: add polkit agents
As reported by Nilesh Patra.

- Closes: #723
2023-02-21 16:57:54 +01:00
atanarjuat caaf48aa11 headless mode stub 2023-02-15 16:29:39 +01:00
jkito d7749dca00 [ghaci] run github actions nightly job weekly on sunday midnight 2022-11-13 15:02:58 +05:30
jkito a4dad70daf [ghaci] Add github actions job to produce windows artifacts 2022-11-13 15:02:58 +05:30
jkito ad6c13cd65 [ghaci] initial github actions job for producing macOS artifacts
this adds boilerplate job for windows aswell
2022-11-13 15:02:50 +05:30
jkito dfb4a03c76 simplify relink_vendor target for windows 2022-11-13 12:08:19 +05:30
jkito bf6be255dc [pkg] remove downloading of openvpn binary in windows
windows doesn't need to download and pack the openvpn
binary as we it uses the windows provided VPN service
2022-11-08 21:40:58 +01:00
jkito 0fa73bd4c6 [pkg] fix path for Qt libs to copy for windows build 2022-11-08 21:40:47 +01:00
jkito 9c9dea1bbf [pkg] fix qmldir location for windeployqt 2022-11-08 21:40:36 +01:00
jkito b9143bef39 [pkg] run sigcheck only when doing a release build 2022-11-08 21:40:19 +01:00
jkito 06c54521b8 [bug] windows: add missing struct field of the launcher struct 2022-11-08 21:39:54 +01:00
jkito 89738a2437 [pkg] don't hardcode full path to sigcheck.exe
the installation path depends on how sigcheck was
installed, in case it is installed from choco its
put in another location

this assumes sigcheck.exe will be available on path
2022-11-08 21:39:30 +01:00
jkito 7122e8f22e [pkg] symlinking the vendor dir doesn't work on cygwin
this changes the symlinking to instead copy the  vendor
files same as done for when detecting platform is mingw
2022-11-08 21:39:10 +01:00
jkito 5bb891f4c3 [pkg] remove extra whitespace from makefile 2022-11-08 21:38:57 +01:00
jkito 2dfc6fe664 [build] fix download link for zlib pgp key 2022-11-08 21:38:42 +01:00
jkito 6f56b8ae92 [pkg] build or download OpenVPN before attempting to build macOS installer 2022-11-08 21:38:17 +01:00
jkito 99077aadd6 [bug] use struct field names to initialize launcher struct
since the no of values are not the same as the number of fields
we need to mention the names
2022-11-08 21:37:42 +01:00
jkito 195fb8abf9 [pkg] rename launcher_osx.go to launcher_darwin.go
newer go compilers looks for darwin as the go:build tag
to identify macOS specific code files
2022-11-08 21:37:12 +01:00
Henrique b5ef80b2c3 Remove drop shadow and add language icon 2022-11-08 21:26:17 +01:00
Henrique d02aebe6c9 [i18n] update translation files 2022-11-08 21:26:17 +01:00
Henrique c915eee76b [i18n] add language selector in preferences menu 2022-11-08 21:26:17 +01:00
Henrique dbc9327fc5 [i18n] store locale change in settings and retranslate app 2022-11-08 21:26:17 +01:00
Henrique 83a1d818b8 [i18n] add backend method and signal for locale change 2022-11-08 21:26:17 +01:00
kali kaneko (leap communications) 64224bbf2d [docs] win build tips 2022-08-16 12:01:04 +02:00
kali kaneko (leap communications) 505316ad1a [pkg] vendor update 2022-08-15 19:22:10 +02:00
kali kaneko (leap communications) 5d89055928 [bug] bitmask-root needs to allow management password file 2022-08-15 19:21:47 +02:00
kali kaneko (leap communications) 6168feacf5 revert pedantic portable fixes, breaks windows build 2022-08-11 22:10:52 +02:00
kali kaneko (leap communications) b6c6dd90a6 [feat] private bridges via env vars 2022-07-25 20:19:52 -05:00
kali a85959a43e [feat] send password to management interface
- Resolves: #104
2022-07-31 03:40:47 -04:00
kali d1252ef5b9 [feat] use named pipe to launch openvpn
- Resolves: #339
2022-07-06 01:57:45 +02:00
kali kaneko (leap communications) 048e2914a7 [pkg] add vendor back 2022-06-26 19:14:11 +02:00
kali kaneko (leap communications) 2fcbf99dc3 [feat] use obfsvpn 2022-06-26 19:13:51 +02:00
kali kaneko (leap communications) 9d591cc8ad [feat] upgrade tls-min to 1.2 in bitmask-root 2022-06-15 16:59:07 +02:00
kali kaneko (leap communications) 351b7040f6 [bug] typo in --data-ciphers option 2022-06-15 16:59:02 +02:00
kali kaneko (leap communications) e5fd319fe7 add tls tests 2022-06-14 23:10:58 +02:00
kali kaneko (leap communications) db6622ddf4 fix ca crt 2022-06-14 23:09:36 +02:00
kali kaneko (leap communications) 2df54dbe2a typo 2022-06-14 23:06:09 +02:00
kali kaneko (leap communications) 05857e03c7 fail on first non-working mode 2022-06-14 21:18:41 +02:00
kali kaneko (leap communications) d3eff72fcc do run this at your own risk 2022-06-14 21:09:34 +02:00
kali kaneko (leap communications) 1ae22e7220 quick gw ciphersuite test 2022-06-14 21:01:14 +02:00
kali kaneko (leap communications) 40ced0c4b8 [feat] dry-run 2022-06-08 17:12:32 +02:00