This is a test fork of Mainly for updated the documentation, compilation on armv8, & how filters work. See upstream for details

Updated 1 year ago

Creates a wofi (dmenu) style popup with the streams you follow so you can go straight to them

Updated 2 months ago

attempt at making a thunderbird overlay, when I was trying to build the newer versions. This has since been superseded by the generic gentoo overlays

Updated 1 year ago

mirror of taranis3

Updated 2 years ago

Gentoo overlay for symless/synergy-core - Merged into main overlay:

Updated 1 year ago

The snippets, or one liners that are used so little that you always forget them, but they are just super handy!

Updated 1 year ago

Overlay for applications i find useful. Mainly small apps that don't have much use

Updated 11 months ago

How's services are configured in #docker containers managed by #ansible

Updated 6 months ago

Mirror for Send. A great file transfer program

Updated 1 day ago

Updated 2 days ago

Updated 2 years ago

Updated 3 weeks ago