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ActivityPub server, designed for simplicity and accessibility. Includes calendar, news and sharing economy features to empower your federated community.

Updated 5 months ago

My dotfiles for local environments. See server-slowb.ro for how I setup my servers!

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Updated 1 year ago

How slowb.ro's services are configured in #docker containers managed by #ansible

Updated 6 months ago

I don't remember where I found this code... #archived

Updated 1 year ago

i3gaps overlay for Gentoo #archived Merged into main overlay: https://gitea.slowb.ro/ticoombs/slowverlay

Updated 1 year ago

attempt at making a thunderbird overlay, when I was trying to build the newer versions. This has since been superseded by the generic gentoo overlays

Updated 1 year ago

Originally created to build ontop of wpvulndb. Which would subscribe to their email lists and create a DB ontop of them that you could use to monitor the plugins that you are using

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mirror of taranis3

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