Updated 14 hours ago

Official clone of My Privacy DNS's Adblocker Rules

Updated 6 days ago

A fork of AnisearchKomga which uses the Title instead of the internal Name for getting the data

Updated 1 week ago

My fork of 0x0 with a few patches

Updated 2 weeks ago

Updated 3 weeks ago

Updated 2 months ago

Updated 2 months ago

Updated 3 months ago

Creates a wofi (dmenu) style popup with the streams you follow so you can go straight to them

Updated 6 months ago

ActivityPub server, designed for simplicity and accessibility. Includes calendar, news and sharing economy features to empower your federated community.

Updated 9 months ago

A game of exploration, battle and adventure in medieval Wales. Experience DnD style combat, gambling disputes and puzzling mysteries in the magnificent city of Tranoch, with dynamic scenery, wildlife and weather effects.

Updated 9 months ago

Small IRC server suitable for self-hosting, with moderation controls

Updated 1 year ago

The snippets, or one liners that are used so little that you always forget them, but they are just super handy!

Updated 2 years ago

Archive those Patreon vimeo videos using selenium, firefox, and youtube-dl

Updated 2 years ago

Originally created to build ontop of wpvulndb. Which would subscribe to their email lists and create a DB ontop of them that you could use to monitor the plugins that you are using

Updated 2 years ago