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__filename__ = ""
__author__ = "Bob Mottram"
__license__ = "AGPL3+"
__version__ = "1.3.0"
__maintainer__ = "Bob Mottram"
__email__ = ""
__status__ = "Production"
__module_group__ = "Profile Metadata"
import os
from webfinger import webfinger_handle
from auth import create_basic_auth_header
from posts import get_person_box
from session import post_json
from utils import has_object_string
from utils import get_full_domain
from utils import get_nickname_from_actor
from utils import get_domain_from_actor
from utils import load_json
from utils import save_json
from utils import acct_dir
from utils import local_actor_url
from utils import has_actor
def set_availability(base_dir: str, nickname: str, domain: str,
status: str) -> bool:
"""Set an availability status
# avoid giant strings
if len(status) > 128:
return False
actor_filename = acct_dir(base_dir, nickname, domain) + '.json'
if not os.path.isfile(actor_filename):
return False
actor_json = load_json(actor_filename)
if actor_json:
actor_json['availability'] = status
save_json(actor_json, actor_filename)
return True
def get_availability(base_dir: str, nickname: str, domain: str) -> str:
"""Returns the availability for a given person
actor_filename = acct_dir(base_dir, nickname, domain) + '.json'
if not os.path.isfile(actor_filename):
return False
actor_json = load_json(actor_filename)
if actor_json:
if not actor_json.get('availability'):
return None
return actor_json['availability']
return None
def outbox_availability(base_dir: str, nickname: str, message_json: {},
debug: bool) -> bool:
"""Handles receiving an availability update
if not message_json.get('type'):
return False
if not message_json['type'] == 'Availability':
return False
if not has_actor(message_json, debug):
return False
if not has_object_string(message_json, debug):
return False
actor_nickname = get_nickname_from_actor(message_json['actor'])
if not actor_nickname:
return False
if actor_nickname != nickname:
return False
domain, _ = get_domain_from_actor(message_json['actor'])
status = message_json['object'].replace('"', '')
return set_availability(base_dir, nickname, domain, status)
def send_availability_via_server(base_dir: str, session,
nickname: str, password: str,
domain: str, port: int,
http_prefix: str,
status: str,
cached_webfingers: {}, person_cache: {},
debug: bool, project_version: str,
signing_priv_key_pem: str) -> {}:
"""Sets the availability for a person via c2s
if not session:
print('WARN: No session for send_availability_via_server')
return 6
domain_full = get_full_domain(domain, port)
to_url = local_actor_url(http_prefix, nickname, domain_full)
cc_url = to_url + '/followers'
new_availability_json = {
'type': 'Availability',
'actor': to_url,
'object': '"' + status + '"',
'to': [to_url],
'cc': [cc_url]
handle = http_prefix + '://' + domain_full + '/@' + nickname
# lookup the inbox for the To handle
wf_request = webfinger_handle(session, handle, http_prefix,
domain, project_version, debug, False,
if not wf_request:
if debug:
print('DEBUG: availability webfinger failed for ' + handle)
return 1
if not isinstance(wf_request, dict):
print('WARN: availability webfinger for ' + handle +
' did not return a dict. ' + str(wf_request))
return 1
post_to_box = 'outbox'
# get the actor inbox for the To handle
origin_domain = domain
(inbox_url, _, _, from_person_id, _, _,
_, _) = get_person_box(signing_priv_key_pem,
base_dir, session, wf_request,
person_cache, project_version,
http_prefix, nickname,
domain, post_to_box, 57262)
if not inbox_url:
if debug:
print('DEBUG: availability no ' + post_to_box +
' was found for ' + handle)
return 3
if not from_person_id:
if debug:
print('DEBUG: availability no actor was found for ' + handle)
return 4
auth_header = create_basic_auth_header(nickname, password)
headers = {
'host': domain,
'Content-type': 'application/json',
'Authorization': auth_header
post_result = post_json(http_prefix, domain_full,
session, new_availability_json, [],
inbox_url, headers, 30, True)
if not post_result:
print('WARN: availability failed to post')
if debug:
print('DEBUG: c2s POST availability success')
return new_availability_json